Popkin Research Lab

Welcome to the Popkin Lab at Case Western Reserve University

We address fundamental questions in two related fields: viral pathogenesis and immunology. We apply this towards disease models (e.g. skin disease).

Field(s) of Research: Immunology, Virology

Disease Focus: AIDS/HIV, Skin Cancer

LabLife URL: http://www.lablife.org/labs/4753

Research Gate URL: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Daniel_Popkin

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Email: daniel.popkin@case.edu
Phone: 216-368-0237
Fax: 216-844-8993

547 Biomedical Research Building
2109 Adelbert Road
Cleveland, OH 44106-2624
United States


Mechanisms of viral persistence
We use mouse genetics to identify host requirements for persistent viral infection. Once identified, these host factors represent ideal targets to better understand and thus treat persistent viral infections.
Keywords:  lcmv, immunology, APCs, dendritic cells, persistent infection

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